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Are you looking out to invest into something that would benefit your business, brand reputation, serviceability, customer safety and satisfaction altogether with cost effectiveness when footfall increases in your venue???

 Yes! It’s high time to get concerned about these issues because it’s time to party and holidays which fill up every heart with excitement and celebration. In happier mood people usually go for parties, shopping, holidays, films and various other amusement places where safety comes on stake due to uncontrollable crowd. QMaster has brought the perfect solution for such troublesome situations. QMasters is a trusted brand which offers an excellent package of effectiveness, utility, refinement and affordability wherever the need to control crowd occurs.


With its top-notch crowd barriers and queue managers, QMaster excel to thrive chaos and to eliminate uncertainties in your business premises while successfully controlling crowd and maintaining persistent discipline seamlessly.

Effective Crowd Control Products by QMaster

Elegant and effective crowd control products by QMaster vary from Retractable Belt Post, Rope Post, Velvet Rope and Sign Holder, all master in public guidance and space and crowd management. You can easily and instantly install these products whenever and wherever the need to manage crowd arises. Without deploying human power and much of floor space, our belt posts, stanchions and sign holders effectively manage public while forming systematic and flowing queues and guiding customers with apt information and directions. These products are equally functional at cash counter, warehouses, and check in and check out points of airports, railways and metros, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, cinema halls, retail shops and lot more.

Maintaining systematic flow of customers, our products help your industry building a healthy and stress free working environment for employees, proffering delightful customer experience, optimizing efficiency and serviceability, better brand perception and customer satisfaction. Extremely stylish and handy, these queue managers enhance the charm of your interiors while blending finely with the decor.

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